Previous Gallery Artists

We are pleased to have worked with the following artists although their art or craftwork is no longer exhibited in the gallery.

Andrea Coles

 Ann Thomas

Diddordeb mewn llyffantod, madfallod, Llygad y dydd a pethau bychain eraill ysgogodd yn gyntaf Radd Swôleg, Aberystwyth, 1974 ac yna dwy flynedd o gwrs ‘Argraffu’ Coleg Union, Schenectday, UDA, 1989. Manteisiodd Ann, rhwng gŵyl a gwaith, ar bob cyfle i arlunio yn y maes – yn ei chynefin a dros y dŵr. Arweiniodd anturiaethau i’r Gogledd pell – Ynysoedd Vega Norwy – i arddangosfa o waith a chyfle i addysgu cwrs arlunio. Yn ddiweddar, mae hi wedi derbyn gwahoddiad i ganolbwyntio ar waith celf yn ymwneud â gwastatir Hwngari a Pharc Cenedlaethol Hortobágy. Mae wedi creu printiau o anifeiliaid pren Eglwys Brithdir – mae’r Eglwys yn agos i’w chartref yn Nolgellau.

Ers 20 mlynedd bu Ann yn arddangos gyda Chymdeithas Arlunwyr Cain Gogledd Cymru ac wedi cyfrannu i lyfr Margaret Stevens ‘Cyflwyniad i Arlunio Blodau’, Gwasg Quintet 1995. Mae hi’n gyfaill i Academi Frenhinol Cambria ac yn arddangos gwaith yn yr arddangosfa agored flynyddol.

Frogs, newts, daisies and other such trivialities led Ann firstly to a Degree in Zoology Aberystwyth, 1974 followed by two years of Printmaking in Union College, Schenectady USA, 1989. Ann, at every available opportunity, has sketched outdoors – at home and further afield. Adventures afield have led to an exhibition and teaching commitment on the edge of the Arctic Circle – in the Vega Archipelago, Norway. In contrast to cold northern climes, at present she is using her art to embark on a project in Central Europe -The Great Hungarian Plain and the Hortobágy National Park. Nearer home – Dolgellau – she has produced a series of images based on wooden creatures in Brithdir Church.

For the past 20 years Ann has been a member of The North Wales Watercolour and Fine Artists Society and regularly exhibited with the Society. She has contributed to a book by the founding member of the Society, ‘An Introduction to Drawing Flowers’, Quintet Press 1995. Ann is a friend of the Royal Cambrian Academy Society and exhibits in their annual open exhibition in Conwy.

01341 422736


Carolyn Hindmarsh

Hogweed and Butterfly Detail
Carolyn Hindmarsh

I have always been creative throughout my life but came late to woodcarving. I originally trained in glass making and design but work took me into designing for the decorative domestic lighting industry. 

A chance meeting with a travelling woodcarver led me to a life on the road and learning to carve wood myself.  It was a life change in more  ways than just wood! For now I am settled in mid Wales, near Builth Wells, taking inspiration from the stunning landscape around me; Celtic design, myths and legends, the flowers in the hedgerow, or a gnarly piece of wood from a field edge.

I enjoy the challenge of a commission – to carve a hen for example,  you have to observe and understand how it looks from every angle.  Then there is the physical aspect of the work that keeps me fit and the meditative state while carving. 

I am a person that needs to be creative. Having worked in a number of different materials I have found that wood allows me to express myself freely and easily. Wood is a beautiful and varying natural material. With each piece I work on I give it my all, as most pieces are sculpted, sanded and finished to a high degree. This reveals the grain and colour of the wood. It is a slow process with no shortcuts. 

Currently,  I am enjoying reclaiming old oak fencing stakes and giving them a new life with chiselled designs.  I also create signs, do three-dimensional carvings  and take commissions. I find great pleasure in working with people to create their personal sculpture.

Crochendy Cors y Gedol Pottery

Jane Williams is a potter based in Dyffryn Ardudwy, South Meirionydd. Her workshop is an old dairy set in the grounds of the historical Cors-y-Gedol estate. She makes tactile and functional domestic ware out of earthenware and stoneware clay. Her pots are wheel thrown and made in batches, yet each retains an individual personality with variations in colour, pattern and shape.

Jane’s influences are varied and broad ranging. The colours that inspire her are from the countryside which surrounds her, her love of vintage fabrics (in particular the 1950’s) and also from the natural world (from shells to slime moulds!).

Jane reached the semi-final in BBC 2 ‘Great Pottery Throw Down.’ (2015)

Cors-Y-Gedol Pottery
6 Penrhiw,
Dyffryn Ardudwy,
LL44 2DW

Facebook Page
Twitter @pottybirds
Instagram @janemakespots

Deborah Courtney-Jones

Wire-work Dragon

I have been working with wire for many years, starting with simple jewellery and expanding my knowledge and experience with each piece made. Since moving to Wales I have taken the stunning natural views and tried to express them in my work, especially the trees and birds which are abundant from my window.

I usually work with copper and plated wires of all thicknesses, I work freehand, starting with little or no idea of what will become of my wire. Some of my projects end up as spare wire pieces and some take a form which I can build on to make a unique piece.

I try not to replicate my work too much as nature is always different, no two trees are the same, no two birds are the same and I try to reflect that in my work.

Surrounded by inspiration, I never seem to get to the end of my list of what I want to try next and so I am always busy with my next project.

 Geraint Pryce Edwards

Meri Wells

I work in a tin shed in a valley.

The small ceramic figures come out of the hedge that I can see from the window. They march past reviving forgotten imagery of childhood stories and our cultural myths. I try to draw them in that first fleeting glimpse. They are best viewed in groups, from the perspective of personal history and the elemental associations with certain places.

The larger, often lifesize, sculptural pieces, are, I believe, a result of disillusionment with how we repeatedly fail to sustain a functional society. So I based these on forms which inhabit a parallel universe and often they are self portraits.

They are made from coiled, grogged clay and soda fired in a wood kiln to stoneware temperatures, using locally sourced slips and ash glazes.



Pam Powderhill

Following a full time career in engineering design, I semi-retired (along with my husband) to a cottage just outside of Machynlleth.

In 2009 I decided to leave the engineering world behind and retire completely.

After a few years spent renovating our cottage, I finally found I had time to spare.

It was then that I decided to convert a small garden cabin into a pottery studio.

I have always loved the process of designing and creating; inspiration for my ceramic pieces come from many different times & places.

But no matter what type of design I embark on; an underlying element of my engineering background always seems to creep in somewhere.

Contact: Pam Powderhill, 07717 893592

Samantha Boulanger

Guto-pup Drypoint

Samantha is based in Swyddffynnon, Ceredigion, and is currently studying BA Fine Art at Aberystwyth University specialising in Printmaking and Photography.

She is inspired by nature, landscapes, animals and, often, her whippet Guto. Samantha is also fascinated by the ordinary, recreating what is often seen as mundane into something unique.

“With my black & white photography especially, I just love the ambiguity and the interplay between the many shadows, reflections, sharp contrasts and patterns that can be created from the simplest of things around us that are often unnoticed by most, turning them into works of art in their own right”.

To contact her:


Spike the Blacksmith

My Forge is located in Llanbrynmair Mid Wales. My Artistic Blacksmithing business began in 2003. As my reputation has grown, so has the demand for unusual and individual pieces of work. I graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art Sculpture from Bath Spa University and then pursed a course in Blacksmithing at Hereford College. After various work placements and apprenticeships I set up Gothic Blacksmiths in 2003.

Most commissions are created from my own design, unless I have a specific design from my clients. I have developed and learnt a wide range of metal and forging techniques, and working as a Blacksmith has given me great insight, which I utilise as a sculptor.

I also teach Artistic Blacksmithing to a wide age range and at lots of different locations, from schools to colleges and at festivals, community events, Home educated classes and excluded teenager groups. I have begun teaching the Residential Artistic Blacksmithing Courses at Mid Wales Art Centre. I have six forges set up and teach a two day course for beginners. I have been working for the Welsh Government as an Entrepreneur Role Model in Schools, colleges and universities since 2005

07713 397768

Unit 1 Village Workshops

Pandy Road



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