Current Guest Artist

April 2020 – Our Guest Artist was to have been Anne Ashcroft.  We are pleased to announce that she will be with us, to show her paintings, in April 2021.

Anne is a permanent artist in the gallery showing her Brooches, Necklaces, Hair-slides and Earrings, as well as small Pictures and Boxes.  Some examples of these works are below:


May 2020 – Our Guest Artist should have been Rachel Payne.  Instead, she will be our guest in May 2021.   

Below are a few pieces of her work:

I have painted all my life but am still learning.  The paint I like best is watercolour as it teaches you:  to look;  the discipline of waiting and seeing what happens;  the effects of pigments ; about the different types of paper and waters.  The abundance of beautiful things around us , from sky to ground  means there is a never-ending supply of good things to paint.  Maybe I will master it one day, or not.