Current Guest Artist

Our June 2019 Guest Artist is Tessa Gavin

Her up-cycled clothing in beautiful fabrics and colourfully-dyed bags, throws and scarves are on display this month.

Tessa Gavin – Clothes Creator & Textile Artist

I was born & raised in the North West going on to learn pattern cutting and gain clothing manufacturing experience in Manchester in the 1970’s when it  was a vibrant and still manufacturing city.

I lived & worked in Manchester in the fashion and textile industry until moving to Mid Wales in 2004.

Retiring to this beautiful area has given me an opportunity to explore other more creative textile skills and I now creatively dye fabric, spin wool, weave wall-hangings & felt as well as designing and making clothes.

Recently I have been exploring the art of up-cycling, my inspiration comes from using beautiful wool jumpers or quality men’s cotton shirts, thrift shop pashmina shawls and vintage wool blankets. Sometimes I use modern dyes to give a new lease of life to these tired found items.

I would like these re-made creations to be treasured, used and worn with pride to celebrate their history, and for a little bit of wear and a mended tear to be embraced.