Dave Buchan

Working with slate fascinates me, each piece of stone is different. I can spend hours walking the slate waste tips as I select interesting looking pieces of stone from the quarry, then look at them again in the workshop to see if I think that a piece will do what I want to make.

During the process of cutting, grinding and polishing the stone sometimes reveals hidden treasures in the form of Iron Pyrites, Quartz or unusual colours in the slate. All of my grey slate comes from Aberllefenni Quarry, near Corris. The heather slate comes from the Penrhyn quarry in North Wales.

While I am working the stone I get covered in cold, wet slate slurry and on occasions an unspotted fault in the stone will completely wreck my plans for that piece of stone.

I am naturally practical, a qualified mechanical engineer with a degree in Architecture.
I make and modify pieces of machinery and tools to enable me to create objects that I like.



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