Sara Piper Heap

Artist Statement

The design of each of my ‘Curious Copper Creations’ evolves as the making of the piece progresses. When I begin there is rarely any more than the most basic idea. I’m often inspired by a line from a song, a quote from the radio or a comment that hits me ‘where I live’ and I know that it will become a piece in the future. I’ll note it down and my sub-conscious will get to work. I get a great deal of pleasure from working in metal and hope that my pieces inspire an enquiring mind and a modicum of amusement.

Primarily I work in copper, using brass, bronze and silver as highlights. More recently I have started to use wood in my pieces. This wood is sourced by scouring wood piles, beaches and keeping an eye out whilst walking the dog. Their knots, bark and gnarly bits are the bits that keep me interested.

Generally I start each piece by hand-piercing the copper. I then texture each part using stamps and rollers, going on to fold or form them around various hard wood blocks to produce the main body. Hinges, links, and clasps are all made using the age old techniques passed down from maker to maker. I join each part using silver-soldering techniques and rivets.

When the metalworking is complete the piece is then polished and patinated before adding any extras such as magnets or clockwork mechanisms.

Having always been a maker, back in 2006 I was able to take a degree in Applied Arts at Glyndwr University. I fell in love with metalwork. Since graduating I have run my metalworking studio in Oswestry teaching adults jewellery making and metalworking skills. Now while continuing with my studio work I am also teaching Creative Arts part-time at Derwen College.

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