Deborah Courtney-Jones

Wire-work Dragon

I have been working with wire for many years, starting with simple jewellery and expanding my knowledge and experience with each piece made. Since moving to Wales I have taken the stunning natural views and tried to express them in my work, especially the trees and birds which are abundant from my window.

I usually work with copper and plated wires of all thicknesses, I work freehand, starting with little or no idea of what will become of my wire. Some of my projects end up as spare wire pieces and some take a form which I can build on to make a unique piece.

I try not to replicate my work too much as nature is always different, no two trees are the same, no two birds are the same and I try to reflect that in my work.

Surrounded by inspiration, I never seem to get to the end of my list of what I want to try next and so I am always busy with my next project.

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