Christine Mannion

Salad Days

My background is in textiles, ceramics and metalwork, I studied at the Lanchester Polytechnic Coventry and for many years designed and made Tiffany style lampshades and traditional leaded panels; this process informs my work.

In 2003 my watercolour ‘Snowdrops’ was one of the selected designs to be manufactured by the ‘Moorcroft’ Pottery raising funds at auction for ’Children in Need’.

In search of a change from physically demanding work I embarked upon experiments using acrylic mediums, aiming for a looser style, admiring the freedom of Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter and the colourful work of Gustav Klimt.

Inspired by masses of flowers, wild and derelict areas, adding textures and movement to capture a moment in time I favour a low perspective, homing in on a small patch of interest, rarely panoramic views.

My work is semi-abstract or abstract, loose and textured with a certain amount of unpredictability.

I prefer to sell original paintings and welcome commissions. My selection of prints is quite small, mostly by special order or from selected galleries.

Enquiries and appointments to view original paintings can be made by email-

I am a member of-

Leicester Sketch Club.

Leicester Art House.

The Leicester Eye.

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