Ffridd Fawr Handcrafted Welsh Wood

Ffriddfawr Handcrafted Welsh Wood is located in the hills about 8 miles from Oriel Seren. Based in the original gweithdy (workshop) on a farm, with wide interests from forest management to engineering, Kym and Pwl insist on working every step from tree to Treen, from chainsaw to lathe to polishing wheel.

They work mainly with the local relict-forest timbers of Ash, Oak, Birch and Alder, also with the lesser-known native hardwoods such as Holly, Hazel, some thornwoods and wild fruitwoods. All cut timbers are carefully barn-dried, some over many years. Timber types and grades are chosen to match the application, with regard to durability, and the unique beauty of polished woodgrain patterns, for no two trees are ever quite alike. Items are designed for functional simplicity, and should give many years of useful service with fond memories of an enjoyably wet week in Wales.

Oriel Seren presents the Ffriddfawr range of traditional yarncraft tools for use with fleece which you may have already noted running about these lands. We will also display a selection of our practical kitchenware, homeware, and some purely decorative items of art incorporating a variety of finishing techniques.

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