Iola Edwards

Mynegiant ohonof fy hun yw ngwaith.
Dwi`n ymdrechu i ddal hudoliaeth ac awyrgylch y tir sydd wedi bod yn rhan o`n hanes ers cenedlaethau.
Rwy`n chwilio am gryfder a chadernid, patrymau ac awyrgylch.
Gobeithiaf fod fy ngwaith yn arwain eich llygaid drwy`r darlun yn naturiol o un pen i`r llall fel afon yn llifo drwy`r tir.

I express myself through my paintings, I think my work works best when I have complete freedom to create whatever I like in any way I choose.
I enjoy seeing the strong patterns of the land and the feeling of time passing without some things ever changing.
I always endeavour to put feeling in my work, and also to create atmosphere.
I always want the viewer to feel that his eye can flow through my work hopefully creating a mystical feeling on the same time.

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